CRES Was Well Represented at QRP Club Night at FDIM

Four Days In May (FDIM)

by Steven G. Katz N8WL, Granville, Ohio

Four Days In May (FDIM) is an annual gathering of QRP (low power) enthusiasts that runs concurrently with the Dayton Hamvention. It was held at the Holiday Inn in Fairborn, Ohio, and spanned Thursday through Sunday, May 15-18, 2014. Activities included an all-day seminar on Thursday featuring presentations by six noted speakers in the QRP field, Meet-the-Speakers Night, Vendors' Night, QRP Club Night, and a gala banquet.

The CRES QRP Special Interest Group (SIG) sponsored a table at the QRP Club Night, where admission was free and open to everyone. In addition to just having a presence (being on the QRP map, so to speak) we were able to meet other QRPers and talk about equipment, antennas, operations, and all the other aspects that make QRP such a challenge and so much fun. We displayed photos of last year's QRP operations in a slide show on a laptop computer, and those photos generated a good bit of interesting discussion.

Also on the table we showed some of the gear we used for our events or that members were involved in building or using for QRP in general. We had Steve N8WL's Elecraft K1 transceiver with homebrewed bail and Pico Paddle attached by a magnet, powered by Dave K8AX's solar panel array, homebrew charge controller, and battery, which attracted quite a few questions. Fred WA8PGE had a new Hendricks Triband QRP rig kit that he built and his homebrew magnetic loop antenna to go with it. Doug W8NFT displayed his software defined radio project and a lot of people seemed interested in the state-of-the-art technology.

The ballroom of the Holiday Inn was jam-packed with QRPers and interested hams, and our table was a huge success. The Club Night organizer, Jim Stafford W4QO, stated that although they don't give out awards for Club Night presentations, if they did, our table had the best showing of all the clubs there! Wow, nice compliment!

Photo 1. FDIM 2014 CRES Table - Dave K8AX talks about his solar panel while Steve N8WL and Fred WA8PGE look on. Photo 2. Doug W8NFT shows two curious hams something interesting on his laptop display, while Fred WA8PGE talks to a ham about his rig and antenna. Photo 3. Steve N8WL, show slides and talks about CRES's QRP SIG to fellow hams Rich K8MEG and Helene W8MEG from Michigan Photo 4. CRES member Weldon K8NQ talks to Fred WA8PGE and Doug W8NFT. Dave